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We create inspiring environments for students that foster growth and provide comfort.

Budding Communities

Who remembers the awful off-campus housing options back in the day? Enter: BlueDoor by MyRentHero; furnished, upscale off-campus houses steps from campus.

View our collection of BlueDoor properties.

Why BlueDoor?

With automated and fully amenitized houses, MyRentHero makes off-campus living simple.

Lavish Living

Style, substance, and sustainability are the pillars of quality living with Bluedoor by MyRentHero.

Awesome Amenities

Our Bluedoor properties come equipped with Google home systems, keypad entry w/app, LEDĀ TV's, WiFi, and more.

Fully Furnished

Each Bluedoor property is fully-furnished and designed to provide the ultimate in style, convenience, and comfort for our residents.

Still Not Convinced?

See a quick preview on how BlueDoor compares to your other options.

$1,200 - $1,600/mo



1 Bedroom Rent

$900- $1,250 /mo

$14,750/year (shared room)

Utilities (WiFi, AC, Electricity, etc)

+ $200-$500 /mo


+ $50-$100 /mo

Cleaning Service

+ $60-$150 /mo

Smart Home / Safety

+ $500 (1x fee)


+ $2,000 (1x fee)

Total 1x Fees:





$1,200 - $1,600/mo

$1,210 - $1,850+ / mo



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